How to create API keys for Huobi?

To create API key you need to have an account on .

To create an account please use the button Sign up.

Step 1. After you are successfully logged in find the button of your account and tap the line API management.

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In the new page you will be able to add a name of a new key. You need to add the name of the Key, permission to Trade and then press the button Create.

ATTENTION! Do not add Withdraw to the key parameters.

ATTENTION! Expiry date of the key unbound to IP address or IP segment is 90 days.

Now you need to pass verification by your e-mail. Click to send the code to e-mail, insert the code and press the button Confirm.

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After you press the button Confirm, your API key will be created automatically.

ATTENTION! The secret key will be shown only once. To use it further please save it in the safe folder.

Step 2. Add the key to Cryptorobotics account.

Use the + ADD NEW EXCHANGE button in the Account -> Exchange accounts section.

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  1. Choose the exchange: Huobi.
  2. Add the keys from your account on Huobi to the tabs.
  3. Give the name to the key.
  4. Add the key.

After the key was added, it will appear in the same window, start Trading or Algotrading.

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Important! Please note that when trading on the Cryptorobotics platform, you need to have a balance in the spot account of the Huobi exchange.

If your package includes the Multiple accounts, you can add as many keys of Huobi as you have.