Text of the Lesson 0

My name is Alina. I am the Chief Operating Officer at CryptoRobotics, a company that specializes in automating of crypto trading.

As we will be diving into the topic of crypto together in the next couple of weeks, I suggest we get to know each other a little. But before you share about yourself in the comments, let me tell you about my journey in the world of crypto.

I have been studying market trends for nearly last 6 years and working on the Cryptorobotics project every day.

During these 6 years of studying crypto, I have probably learned about this market more than in my entire previous life. Before that, I already had 10 years of experience in marketing and sales, as a marketing and BD directors at large service companies.

Then I held over 3,000 presentations of our Cryptorobotics platform, and every time after the presentation I feel like this is exactly what I love doing: making complicated things simple.

When it comes to crypto, I mostly taught myself, occasionally with the help of more experienced colleagues, but I never had a course like this to learn everything at once. I should be so lucky to be on our place… and at the same time, I am proud of how far I have already come.

Our team has released more than 100 products and services on our platform, and we can confidently consider ourselves experts in this market.

Therefore, we understand that in order to start using even the simplest tools in crypto, it is VERY important to be confident in what you are doing, that your knowledge and skills are sufficient to avoid the mistakes that have already been made by others.

For the next few days, you will be watching lessons with us where we will:

  • go over terms,
  • learn how to create wallets for crypto,
  • learn how to buy and sell crypto,
  • receive crypto for free,
  • safely store crypto,
  • and use exchanges and platforms for exchanging and trading crypto.

Let’s get to to the schedule:

For each lesson, you will receive practical, but not complicated homework, as well as a test to check if you have properly remembered everything from the video lesson.

We will not check the homework and tests, BUT we recommend doing them so that you can immediately understand how to use these lessons.

If you have any questions about the lessons, you can write them in comments to the videos — there, in the comments, we will answer your questions.

And now it’s your turn to tell us about yourself.

Write in the comments your name, the city you are from, what you are currently doing, and what experience you have in cryptocurrencies.

Perhaps you are just starting your journey into Bitcoin, or maybe you have already invested, traded, and even participated in IDOs.

Be sure to follow our rules and respect each other.

It was Alina with you.

Looking forward to seeing you at the first lesson titled «Cryptocurrencies — are they money?».