Text of the Lesson 7

Hi, course participants!

Today we will learn how to earn cryptocurrencies for very simple actions — we will not buy it, but we will get it for free.

In this lesson, I will tell you

  • what is Airdrop
  • what types of Airdrops exist
  • We will consider examples of platforms for Airdrops with you
  • I will tell you what information you need to study about the project before participating in Airdrop

And I will show you an example of participating in the Airdrop of Airdropbob platform, the example is quite simple, but it will show you the principle of working with this tool.

What is Airdrop?

Airdrop is when a project gives away its tokens for free, sometimes just to advertise its project on well-known exchanges or platforms, sometimes so that you can tell your friends about the project.

If we compare this with a beauty salon, then on the street, we can be given a promo certificate for a free procedure so that we come to this salon and then become its regular customers. 

I will also be able to use free tokens to pay for products of the company that distributes them, but what’s even better is that I can sell them on the exchange and get money for it.

What types of Airdrops exist?

Standard Airdrop. This is when a new project, for example, on an exchange, sends its tokens to all users (or active users of the exchange) for marketing purposes, so that people who receive these tokens can Google what the project is about and become interested in its products.

Bounty Airdrops. The most popular type of Airdrop, on special platforms, we are offered token giveaways from various projects for doing a few tasks, such as subscribing to the project’s social networks or inviting friends.

Exclusive Airdrops. This is the distribution of tokens from good projects, such as bonuses for being a VIP client of the exchange and holding a large amount of cryptocurrencies in your account.

The fourth type is the distribution of tokens to active wallets of other tokens in the same blockchain as the new token, to users with similar interests to those of the project’s users. This is also done to attract attention and create a desire to Google what project sent them the tokens.

All of the listed types of token giveaways will be available to you after you become an active investor, but Bounty Airdrops are available to everyone on the market. Now, let’s talk about platforms for Bounty Airdrops.

As an example, we will discuss participation in an Airdrop from the already known platform CoinMarketCap. Since the platform is one of the projects with the best reputation, Airdrops on their platform are posted from verified and rating projects. And for this reason, Airdrops here are not often. I try to participate its airdrops, but currently there are no available giveaways there.

Very popular and project-rich airdrop project is Airdropbob. It’s advanced, with a lot of metrics and opportunities, but there are quite a few tasks offered by projects and no direct integration with the platform. They use different programs to automate task completion. Later, I will show you how to participate in an Airdrop on this platform.

You can set up notifications for new airdrops.

Another platform is airdrop alert. Here, project ratings are available in details, with information on how much and when you can earn. There aren’t many tasks, and interacting with the platform is quite easy.

Notifications are also available for the opening of new giveaways.

Icomarks is a service that provides ratings for ICO projects, and on the same platform, airdrops from these projects are posted. It’s very convenient — you can immediately assess both the project and decide whether to participate in the airdrop.

What do you need to do to choose a good project?

First of all, don’t miss it. You can choose one or several platforms that are interesting to you, subscribe to their newsletters, and receive notifications.

Before evaluating a project, assess your chances of winning. For example, if there are 1,000 prizes of 1,000 tokens being given away, and there are 85,000 participants, your chance is 1/85. But if there are only 500 prizes and just 1,000 participants, your chance is 1/2 — more attractive.

Review feedback about the project and feedback about the giveaway to understand if the project has good potential and if its token can increase in price.

And what is very important: evaluate whether you have the ability to complete all tasks. For example, subscribing to Facebook or Twitter.

Before we participate in a small but good airdrop from Airdropbob, I suggest reviewing a list of common airdrop tasks.

  • Subscriptions to the project’s social media and reposts of project’s advertising messages.
  • Subscription to the resources of the airdrop platform.
  • Subscription to project and platform newsletters.
  • Registration and identity verification on the project’s website.
  • Inviting friends.
  • And much more.

Now I invite you to Airdropbob website.

I go to the main page and choose Lavandos project.

We can study the materials about it and then participate.

To participate, I need to be registered in the system. Then I need

To Open Lavandos’s Airdrop Form

I Follow Lavandos’s Twitter Page and quote retweet this tweet and Enter link to retweet

I Add LAVE to my Coinmarketcap watchlist and upload a screenshot of the subscription

I Join Lavandos’s Telegram Group and upload a screenshot of the subscription

I need also my TON wallet and it to the form

I agree to all the conditions, and it’s done, I have participated.

And on CoinMarketCap, they made a giveaway of their diamonds, for which you can later buy cryptocurrencies or open access to participate in project giveaways. The idea is very simple, like in any game on the phone, I log in every day, get diamonds, participate in voting, get diamonds. I already have several thousands accumulated.

Many projects reward users for their activities in the competition for users’ attention. Therefore, the field for earning free tokens is very wide, you just have to start :))

We take away the lesson word and a new useful resource and get ready to create our first account on the exchange in lesson number 8.

It was me, Alina.

See you later 🙂