MONO robots

We have added MONO robots and now you don’t need to configure all the settings of the robot by yourself.

You just need to choose a strategy where preset strategies with Stop Loss, Take Profit, Timeframe and other settings. This type of robots trades for one currency pair chosen.

To configure and launch the robot go to the tab «Robots», «All robots» or «My robots». Here we select the MONO robot we need.

If you haven’t run such robots yet, you can run it in test or demo mode. In this case, the bot will enter into the real order deals directly according to the chart, taking into account the order book, but without affecting your balance. 

The bots are available for test on any of the packages, including the FREE one.

Test period lasts 14 days from the moment the bot is added to the My robots section.

If the bot was added to the system by you more than 14 days ago or was already included in the paid package, it will not be available for test on a FREE package.

We move to the robot, select the Trading mode: demo and real trading, and click on the Settings button.

crypto robot

After that we are in the Preset strategies tab. A description of the strategies you can find by pointing at the question mark next to the strategy selection field.

The are 3 strategies available: Conservative, Moderate and Risky.

For each of strategy the following settings are already made:

  • Stop Loss
  • rebuy a coin — yes/no
  • minimal signal profit
  • Take Profit
  • Trailing
  • Sell by Take Profit or signal
  • timeframe
trading robot

You only need to make your own settings for your exchange account and start the robot according to your chosen strategy.

To start working with the balance you have to choose:

  • exchange account
  • one of the API keys of your exchange
  • Main coin (USDT or BTC)
  • Pair to trade on
работа с криптовалютой обучение

Next step is to set the Balance for trading and the Trading lot size.

Before launching the robot you need to choose how risky your strategy is and click on the button Edit robot.

In the statistics panel choose the button Launch to begin trading.

Further in the Trades tab you will find open and closed transactions of the launched robot.

How to use Manual settings you can find here — Robots’ Settings