How to auto-execute TradingView alerts on the exchange?

If you have your own strategy on TradingView, you can set up opening trades on the exchange in a couple of clicks.

Next, you’ll see an example of how we set up alerts in 5 minutes, and how orders were opened and closed on the exchange. To do this, we will create alerts and a bot for alerts on our platform.

Step 1. Set the alert parameters.

Go to our terminal, select the Algotrading section → Trading Robots → Add strategy button.

You will see an interface for creating and customizing your bot, where you need to perform the Basic settings and proceed to setting the parameters for sending signals to the system.

To do this, go to the Sending signals block.


The TradingView signal source is already selected.

Copy the Request URL.

On the right side of the window, we see the code with the request parameters. You can add other parameters with checkboxes, we have added Stop Loss and Take Profit. Copy and save the code.

Step 2. Launch the bot.

Next, find the created bot in the All robots section and launch it in Work trading mode according to the manuals in the terminal.

Step 3. Set up an alert in TradingView.

Go to TradingView, open the Alerts section and set up an alert, for example, for opening an order (Buy) based on a simple indicator — in our case, Crossing.

Paste the code that we got in Step 1 in the Message field.


Paste the request URL we got in Step 1 in the Webhook URL field and Save.


The alert has been successfully created and is active on TradingView in the Alerts section.


Step 4. Monitor the orders.

The alert triggers and … Go to the Alerts log, where we see a notification about executed alerts from TradingView.


We can check in the bot on our platform, open the Trades tab — we see open orders.


And we see that alert orders are open on the exchange.


Since we set Stop Loss and Take Profit, the orders were not only opened, but also closed. In the platform we can find deals, on the exchange we can find orders with the Sell parameter.


We hope that now trading with TradingView will become even easier. We will release new and more detailed articles for you on using webhooks so that the strategy created here works 24/7 without your participation.