Promo codes

The Cryptorobotics platform has a system of promo codes that give discounts on various services in the terminal. A promo code can be entered when purchasing a subscription to a particular PRO package or an algorithmic trading tool.

Promo codes can be universal (suitable for any user) or personal (one promo code per user), as well as one-time or reusable.

Let’s look at an example of a promo code that can be used to get a discount on the PRO-package Basic: BASICHASH.

To activate the promo code, you need to go to the tab with PRO packages.

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Click on the «Connect» or «Renew» button if you already have a connected basic PRO package. In the window that opens, select the desired package, subscription period, enter the promo code in the appropriate field and click «Apply».

An information line will appear in the payment window, as well as in the upper right corner of the terminal, reminding of the presence of an activated promo code. This line will be active until you use the promo code itself when paying.

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In the case of the BASICHASH promo code, the subscription fee for the basic PRO package costs $0, so you do not need to enter billing information when paying. After payment, the BASIC package will be active for a month, in accordance with the terms of this promo code.