Autofollowing Artificial Intelligence «AI Columbus Futures»

«AI Columbus Futures» autofollowing channel uses machine learning algorithms to trade more efficiently. Let’s consider this tool in more detail. In order to start using the autofollowing service go to the «Algotrading» section and select «Autofollowing» in the left menu. Through machine learning the system was trained to ‘see’ global & local support and resistance … Читать далее Autofollowing Artificial Intelligence «AI Columbus Futures»


Cryptorobotics Autofollowing is the automation of your trades, the service is configured once, then you only collect statistics and profits from trades. Autofollowing is a «signals+robot» service. The signals are provided by the analyst, the robot processes the signals and makes trades. To start using Autofollowing, go to the Algotrading section and select Autofollowing in … Читать далее Autofollowing

Signal trading in one click

This service gives you the opportunity to follow the signals of analysts in 1-2 clicks and observe their execution from a single interface. Signal trading fully automates and simplifies the process of your trading, makes it more profitable and reduces the risks of drawdowns on deposits. Let’s take a step-by-step look at how to use … Читать далее Signal trading in one click