LESSON 3: Create your first Trust Wallet in 3 minutes

Here we are reaching the first practical lesson in our express course.

In this lesson you will learn:

  • What is a crypto wallet and how it works;
  • What are the types of wallets and how to choose them;
  • Why aren’t cryptocurrencies actually stored in wallets?

Complete the assignments:

Create your Trust Wallet account following the manual:

  1. Save your accesses and passwords in a safe place (preferably off the Internet or on paper)
  2. Write down your BTC wallet address for yourself.

Supplementary materials:

↓ Download a PDF presentation

Text of the Lesson

Instructions for creating a Trust Wallet account:

  1. Download the app or go to the website 
    —  Link to Android app;
    —  Link to browser extension download page;
  2. Launch the application and click «Create a new wallet»;
  3. Agree to the terms of use;
  4. Write down the SEED phrase in a safe place.

Explore a helpful reference material:

let’s check your knowledge

1. A place to store crypto is:

  • Crypto wallet
  • Blockchain
  • Private key

2. How many words does a SEED phrase usually contain:

  • 5 words
  • 40 words
  • 12 words

3. The financial agent is involved in:

  • Custodial wallets
  • Non-custodial wallets
  • Both in custodial wallets and non-custodial wallets

4. Applications on a smartphone or PC are:

  • Paper wallets
  • Cold wallets
  • Warm wallets

5. What wallet is the easiest to restore access to if passwords and seed phrases are lost?

  • Hot
  • Cold
  • Paper