Text of the Lesson 10

Hi, crypto wallet and cryptocurrency owners!

We have already learned how to use the most popular cryptocurrency services, set up a warm and hot wallet, bought cryptocurrency, and know how to get it for free. 

It’s time to subscribe to cryptocurrency news to be the first to learn about them, stay up to date on trends and promising projects.

Our lesson number 10 is dedicated to reviewing popular news monitoring sites and cryptocurrency market analytics services. 

In this lesson, I will show you as many services as possible to make it easier for you to navigate this rapidly developing news space.

Today we will:

* Learn what cryptocurrency rates aggregators are

* Visit the 3 most popular aggregators, one of which is already familiar to you

* Visit the most popular news sites in the crypto industry

* Learn where crypto projects often publish news on social media

Cryptocurrency rates aggregators are our assistants in easily finding out what the current exchange rate is for Bitcoin, Ethereum, or any other cryptocurrency.

Aggregators automatically collect rates from different exchanges and display an up-to-date average market rate based on the trading volumes of these exchanges every second. On most exchanges, the rate will be quasi similar.

Here, we can also see the history of the cryptocurrency rate and all the details.

We can also find market capitalization indicators and the capitalization of each individual coin. The capitalization of a coin is all the coins currently in circulation on the market multiplied by its exchange rate.

Market capitalization is the sum of the capitalizations of all the coins. On the slide, we see how the market capitalization of cryptocurrencies has changed throughout history.

Let’s take an example, the first one is coinmarketcap, where we have already looked at the rates of several cryptocurrencies. And today, let’s see what else we can find on this site.

The market capitalization is always displayed on the main page, as well as the share of the market occupied by Bitcoin and many other parameters.

Below, we see a list of coins sorted by capitalization from the largest to the smallest, as well as how the price has changed over different periods of time and the capitalization of each coin.

To get a coin on the coinmarketcap ranking, it is enough for the coin to be traded on one of the exchanges added to this platform, we move on to the exchange ranking and here we see the ranking of centralized and decentralized exchanges and other types of exchanges that are not yet useful to us.

Here, you can find all the details about the exchanges themselves.

Another example is coingecko, which is very similar to coinmarketcap, but they provide even more useful information about traders’ sentiment towards a particular coin, release market analytical reports, and publish books that provide detailed information about market innovations, such as Defi NFT and others.

To assess the market capitalization of coins and their scale, you can use crypto bubbles service, where the market shares of each cryptocurrency are displayed in a visual form, and you can also consider other analytics on changes in these shares over different periods and on different exchanges.

It’s time to move on to news resources.

The most popular and largest crypto news portals are Coindesc and CoinTelegraph.

CoinTelegraph is the oldest resource with articles, forecasts, and market analysis, and here you can take cool podcasts with crypto experts.

https://www.coindesk.com/ is also not only publishes news but also has its own podcast, TV channel, and conducts and publishes market research.

There are several social networks where crypto communities develop best. The most accessible and popular are Twitter and Telegram. In Telegram, there are thousands of popular crypto publics with tips and analysis, and on Twitter, we can follow pages of Elon Musk, Vitalik Buterin, and CZ are popular, whom we are already familiar with. I haven’t introduced you to Musk, but I think he has already introduced himself to you.

There are three popular but not understandable resources, mainly for professional communities: Slack, Discord, and Reddit. If you are a user of one of these networks, then information and discussions about projects happen here.

If you are looking for useful articles on the topic of crypto, then they are in the central media — Medium and Telegraph. 

Anyone can post articles there, the main thing is to follow the rules. You can learn a lot from there about independent and inaccessible information.

There are a few definitions today, and one of the most useful resource, the simplest and most accessible, is The official Twitter account of CZ, the CEO at the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange – Binance, where news is published very quickly. I hope this recommendation will be useful to you too.

This was Alina with you.

See you at lesson 11, at our first lesson on robots.