LESSON 6: How to use your crypto assets: storing, investing, trading

In this lesson you will learn:

  • About ways to earn on crypto;
  • What is HODL and who are the holders;
  • How to create a passive income on the simple holding of coins;
  • About super profitable ICOs, IDOs, IEOs;
  • About mining and free coins in Airdrop;
  • What is trading in simple words.

Complete the assignments:

Make a «virtual» purchase of three cryptocurrencies and calculate your potential profit (or loss). 
Write down your score.
How much would you earn if you:

  1. Bought Bitcoin (BTC) on December 28, 2017, and then sold on September 20, 2021
    Link to BTC rate in CoinMarketCap

  2. Bought Ripple (XRP) on February 16, 2018, and sold on November 03, 2020 Link to XRP rate in CoinMarketCap

  3. Bought Ethereum (ETH) on 01.02.2019 and sold on 19.05.2022 Link to ETH rate in CoinMarketCap

    On the price chart, select the ALL time limit (top right in gray letters), or specify exact dates by clicking on the calendar icon.

Supplementary materials:

↓ Download a PDF presentation

Text of the Lesson

let’s check your knowledge

1. Tools for automated trading are:

  • Miners
  • Holders
  • Robots

2. The extraction of digital currency using special equipment is:

  • Staking
  • Mining
  • AirDrop

3. IEO is:

  • Initial Decentralized Offering
  • Initial Token Offering
  • Initial Exchange Offering

4. The least risky strategy for earning in the crypto market is:

  • HODL
  • Trading
  • ICO

5. Staking is:

  • Frequent buying and selling of different cryptocurrencies, which allows a trader to earn on the difference in rates
  • A token launch model that involves raising funds on a decentralized exchange
  • The process by which a user locks or holds their funds (coins) in a crypto wallet