LESSON 7: Getting crypto for free on AIRDROP

In this lesson you will learn:

  • What is an Airdrop and what kinds of Airdrop exist;
  • Examples of Airdrop platforms and tasks;
  • How to participate in Airdrop and get free coins.

Complete the assignments:

Register at any platform you like and take part in one of the Airdrops.

The easiest way to do this would be at coinmarketcap.com/airdrop.

But you can register at other services as well:

Supplementary materials:

↓ Download a PDF presentation

Text of the Lesson

let’s check your knowledge

1. Bounty Airdrops:

  • Provide crypto distribution without any conditions or in exchange for a newsletter
  • Assume users to perform simple tasks to receive tokens
  • Performed for people who have a positive history of cooperation with a specific project

2. To participate in Airdrop registration on a special platform:

  • Required
  • Not required
  • Depends on the project

3. To participate in the Airdrop, you can NOT be asked to:

  • Post about the project on your social networks
  • Subscribe to social networks
  • Send money to the project

4. My participation in Airdrop:

  • Guarantees receipt of tokens
  • Does not guarantee receipt of tokens
  • Guarantees receipt of USDT

5. Can you trust an Airdrop that did NOT ask for your wallet address?

  • Yes, if this Airdrop takes place on the exchange
  • Yes, if it is not a task
  • No. This is fraud. They won’t send you tokens