In this section, you will find answers to frequently asked questions regarding using the CryptoRobotics trading platform. Please use the menu with the main sections for easy navigation:


When will the robot start trading?

Our robots trade according to their own algorithms and open trades only in certain market conditions. The lack of open trades may be due to the fact that there were no necessary conditions to open a trade. The waiting period for the first trades usually ranges from several hours to 2-3 days.


Where can I find robots’ statistics?

You can find the results of robots in the Top Statistics section, which shows the results of the most profitable robots of our users for a chosen period of time.


Can I lauch a robot in demo mode if I have a FREE package?

Testing robots in demo mode on a FREE package is available for 14 days from the moment of the first launch of each robot. Within any of the PRO packages, testing is available for the entire duration of the subscription to the package.


What is the difference between autofollowing and copytrading?

Autofollowing is a Signals+Robot service. Signals are provided by an analyst and the robot processes the signals and trades. You allocate the trading balance for the instrument yourself and can allocate a part of your balance for trading, without having to use the entire account balance.

Copytrading is a service that broadcasts the trader’s operations directly from the exchange and allows users to automatically copy trading orders in equal proportions of the total trading balance. For example, if a master trader has placed an order for 10% of his total balance, then the user will also have an order for 10% of his balance. This algotrading tool uses the entire balance of the exchange account connected to the channel.


What happens to open trades in the tools after subscription expiration?

Upon subscription expiration, all running tools go into Pause mode, and open deals in them are no longer monitored by the system. After subscription payment and resumption of the tool operation, order monitoring is also resumed. If you do not plan to resume trading, you can close open trades manually using the corresponding button.


Will I receive a notification when my subscription expires?

You will receive a preliminary notification by email 2 days before your subscription expires and a final notification when your subscription expires.


How can I pay for services on the platform?

Subscription payment is available by simple transfer from an external wallet or exchange in any available cryptocurrency.

For some instruments, payment is available via the Profit Sharing system. Profit Sharing is a system for distributing profits generated from trading. It allows you to share a percentage from only profitable trades.

The profit share is paid not as a fixed amount once a month in the form of a subscription, but as a percentage of the profit already received.

  • If you are going to trade through a personal exchange account via Profit Sharing, you will need to make a small security deposit to the internal wallet of the CryptoRobotics platform.
  • If you are going to trade via a subaccount, then all calculations for Profit Sharing are carried out automatically directly from connected subaccount.


How can I upgrade my PRO package?

You can choose the PRO package you need in the PRO tab on the CryptoRobotics platform, and the system will automatically calculate the difference that you will need to pay extra for the upgrade. After paying the price difference, a new PRO package will be provided to you automatically.


Is there a minimal deposit to start trading on the platform?

The minimum amount to start is X2 of a minimal trade size on the exchange. For spot trading it is 20 USDT, for futures trading it is 0.15% of the current bitcoin price.


Why is the balance dynamics chart in BTC falling if my deposit is growing?

  • If your deposit is in USDT, then it is better to use the dynamics chart in USDT.
  • If your deposit is in BTC, then use a chart in BTC to track the dynamics.

    For example, with a balance of 30,000 USDT:
    — 1 BTC at the price of 30,000 USDT will be displayed as 1 BTC,
    — and 1 BTC at the price of 60,000 USDT will be displayed as 0.5 BTC.

    You don’t have less funds, you can buy less BTC with your USDT.


Is there any way to set up alerts when a coin reaches a certain price?

On our platform, you can set Alerts. They notify you when the price reaches the level you set. Alerts will be displayed as pop-ups on the platform and will be sent to your email (if you choose this method when creating them).

You can set up Alerts in the Trade section in the order placing block.


Why when placing an order above the current price I get a buy at the market price?

This is caused by the market mechanics: any limit buy order placed above the current level is automatically executed at the market price. Similarly, a sell limit order placed below the current price will also be executed at the market price.

If you need to buy above the current price level or sell below it, it is recommended to use a stop limit order.


Can I sell all my assets in one click?

You can use Sell in 1 click feature in the Balances section. Click on Sell to BTC or Sell to USDT, select several or all coins for conversion, then confirm it by clicking on Sell to BTC or Sell to USDT. After the conversion is confirmed, a window will appear where you can track the sale of selected coins in BTC or USDT in real time. Coins will be sold at a market price in a couple of seconds.


How does the referral program work?

You earn referral rewards from the purchases of users you invited to the platform. To do this, you need to get your referral link: in the top menu, select the Account -> Referral Program section.

The main terms of the program:

  • 6 USDT is frozen on your account for the registration of a new user;
  • you get 20% of each of his purchases for the purchase of a package or payment for services by an invited user;
  • 6 USDT for registration is unfrozen and added to your referral balance after the first purchase by an invited user.

The funds can be withdrawn at any time to any USDT (TRC-20) wallet (minimum withdrawal amount is 25 USDT).


Can I delete my CryptoRobotics account?

Unfortunately, we do not have an option of deleting an account. We can block your account forever, but this is a feature for persistent violators and we cannot just block you without any reason. You can leave your account and go back to it when necessary. You won’t be charged for subscriptions until you decide to purchase it.


I can’t connect Google Authenticator, what should I do?

There are 2 types of two-factor authentication available on CryptoRobotics platform:

  • via the Google Authenticator app
  • via the FreeOTP app.

If you’re having any difficulties connecting 2FA via the Google Authenticator app, please use the alternative method — the FreeOTP app. To enable two-factor FreeOTP authentication, you need to download the FreeOTP mobile app. Detailed manual on how to connect it.


What do I need to fill in the subaccount description?

You create the description for yourself. Come up with the name of the account so that you can understand what kind of account it is, so that you can quickly identify it.


Is there a limit on the Binance subaccount balance?

By default, there is no limit on the trading balance, but Binance most often sets a limit of 20,000 USDT based on the result of KYC verification.


Can I delete Binance subaccount?

Unfortunately, the Binance exchange does not provide an option to delete subaccounts.


Are there any discounts on exchange commissions for Binance subaccounts?

  • SPOT (-25%): Maker 0.06% instead of 0.08%, Taker 0.075% instead of 0.1%
  • USDS-M futures (-10%): Maker 0.0126% instead of 0.0140%, Taker 0.0315% instead of 0.0350%


What do I write in the API key description field?

You make up the description of API key for yourself. Come up with the name of the key so that you can understand what kind of key it is so you can quickly identify it.


Invalid API key error

Make sure that you got verified on the exchange, that all the necessary restrictions are set on the API key (check mark next to Allow trading in the API key settings) and if the API key hasn’t expired. To do this, use the integration manuals selecting the exchange you need.

Additionally, when trading on Binance Futures, it is important that the hedge mode is disabled in all cases, except for those where its presence is indicated in the channel or in a robot.

If that doesn’t help, try reissuing the API key.


Unable to get verified on the Binance exchange

In this situation, we can only recommend trying to take photos as clear as possible without glare and blurring. Binance is very demanding about the verification procedure and it will not be possible to pass it without high-quality photos of documents.


How many accounts of one exchange can I integrate?

The amount of integrated accounts of one exchange isn’t limited. But we recommend no more than 20 accounts of one exchange per single CryptoRobotics user account.


What types of futures are available on the platform for Binance Futures?

The type of futures avaliable on our platfrom for Binance Futures is USD-(M), both in hedge and in one-way mode. Be careful when choosing the trading mode. If the hedging mode is required for the algotrading tool to work correctly, it will be indicated that you need to have it turned on next to it’s info-card. In other cases, trading is carried out in one-way mode.


What types of trading are available on the platform for ByBit?

There are two types of trading that are available for ByBit on our platform: inverse contracts on ByBit Inverse and Perpetual contracts (USDT Perpetual) on ByBit.


I have connected my exchange account. Are open positions and data on closed ones not transferred to CryptoRobotics?

CryptoRobotics only displays data on trades executed through the platform interface. In case you have made any trade manually on the exchange or any other service, or closed a position opened through the platform in the same way, our system will not receive data about the trade, which may cause disruptions in the service operation.

In case you want to manually close any of the open positions on the platform, please use the manual position closing button provided in each of the algotrading services.