How to trade crypto on CryptoRobotics?

CryptoRobotics is a platform that provides users with a wide range of tools for crypto trading.

Step 1. Where do I start?

If you don’t know where to start, you can watch a first steps video-guide of the CryptoRobotics terminal.

Step 2. How do I purchase a PRO package?

To pay for the PRO package you need to press the red PRO button in the left corner of the site. Then choose the package you want to purchase, for example Expert PRO, and press the Select button.

Step 3. How not to pay for a subscription?

For some trading instruments on our platform, a Profit Sharing system is available. Profit Sharing is a payment system based on distribution of profits, which were received as a result of trading. It allows you to share a percentage only of profitable trades.

The share of the profit is not paid as a fixed amount once a month as a subscription, but as a percentage of the profits received.

How to use the Profit Sharing system?

Step 4. How do I start trading?

In order to start real trading using algotrading tools, you need to add an API key of the exchange of your choice or create a Binance subaccount on our platform.

How do I add an API key? 

How do I create a Binance subaccount?

Step 5. Which robot should I launch?

Both semi-automated and fully automated crypto trading tools are available on the CryptoRobotics platform:

CryptoRobotics trading robots are programmed algorithms that are able to independently analyze the price movement in the market and make decisions on entering and exiting a position. 

How do I launch a trading robot?

In order to launch a trading robot you need to open the Algotrading tab and then press the Trading robots —> All robots tab, then choose a robot you like and press Subscribe or Manage button, if the robot is already included in your PRO package. You can purchase a robot subscription even without a PRO package.After purchasing a subscription, the robot will be available in the My Robots tab. In order to go to the settings and launch it, you need to click the Manage button.

How to launch Crypto Future?

How to launch Trade Holder?

How to launch Optimus and Cyberbot?

Cryptorobotics Autofollowing is the automation of your trades, the service is configured once, then you only collect statistics and profits from trades.

How to set up Autofollowing?

Signal trading gives you the opportunity to follow the signals of analysts in 1-2 clicks and observe their execution from a single interface.

How to set up Signal trading?

Copytrading is a service that broadcasts the Master trader’s operations that broadcasts trading operations in real time and allows you to automatically copy his orders, that is, enter into the same transactions as the Master Trader.

How to set up Copytrading?